Album Title: Archetype
Review written by: Rachael Yearsley (Roxy)

     The album “Archetype” by Scarangella is a heavy hitter for sheer metal lunacy. It has an abundance of metal sub genres tucked triumphantly into each song, giving this album an unforgettable flavor. Their compelling style of metal in this sensational album creates a true headbanging experience. This album is not your average cookie cutter of simplicity. Your senses will zing with excitement with each instrumental aspect laid into every track. “Archetype” is incredibly intense and powerful.

     Picking out my favorite song on this album was difficult for me, but I finally narrowed it down to “Pretty Faces Make Shallow Graves.” There is an astounding intro that leaves you momentarily breathless, then the vocals come in hard and heavy. This track is definitely one that shows the exceptional range that the vocalist emits. From a low, grungy roar to a refreshing and captivating tone. Like Devildriver with a hint of Dream Theater. There are so many collaborative sections in “Pretty Faces Make Shallow Graves” and it will hold your attention through the entire song.

“Dragons, Thunder, Wizards and Shit” has some pretty cool lyrics, screaming shreds, and speedy kicks on the bass drum. The song “Biotronic Abyssia” has more of a progressive metal sound as Scarangella slows down a bit with this solemn and mystic track. “Through The Dreamgate” is a truly intrepid song. All the instruments scream out at you in such a dramatic and collaborative manner. The tantalizing keys rollick perfectly throughout the song, tying this track together nicely. The drums and bass create quite a buildup as the song climbs into the jaw dropping and perplex guitar solo. “Archetype” is an album that is appreciated for Sacrangella’s musical capabilities. Not only will it be in my favorites, but it will be in yours as well.

Track Listing:
01) Through The Dreamgate
02) Dragons, Thunder, Wizards and Shit!
03) 99 Days
04) Machine Engineered Bio-Growth Mutagen
05) Nihil
06) Serpentine
07) For Your Eyes Only
08) Nemesis
09) First Haunt
10) Abaddon’s Leap
11) Pretty Faces Make Shallow Graves
12) Biotronic Abyssia
13) Xenophile

Band Members:
Andrew Ris – Vocals
Nick Koabel – Guitar
Tyson Hammock – Guitar
Colin Kennedy – Bass
Kent Morales – Drums
Maggie Gast – Keys