The Awakenings by Discrepancies Review

The Awakenings by Discrepancies

Review written by Rachael Yearsley (RSG ROXY)
     Discrepancies‘s new album The Awakenings is scheduled to be released on March 23rd, 2018. Their rapcore style music is invigorating with its positive messages and empowering content. They produce an exceptional collaboration of a hip hop lyrics and rock style music that can engage all sorts of listeners. Discrepancies invokes a unique kind of creativity to the music industry and  their new album will surely blow your mind. 
     The tune The Awakening has so much to offer. Different tempo changes, converging music styles, and altered vocals. The intensity of this song is astonishing! Make You Love Me is an incredibly deep track. As it sends out a message not to give up on ourselves, it also digs deep into the root of our own insecurities. This song is put together so well and I thoroughly enjoy the somber sound that the acoustic guitar emits. The track Rock The Show is insanely awesome! This is the party rock anthem of the year and entails a super catchy chorus and expeditious lyrics. This track will get you moving without a doubt. Keep Hope Alive describes itself perfectly in it’s title. It is a song full of inspiration and it has a bridge that will leave you with chills. 
(ATG) Antonio Metcalf – Vocals
Garrett Weakley – Bass
Addison Bracher – Guitar
(Phatbeatz) Steve Declue – Drums 
1.) Intro
2.) The Awakening
3.) Art of War
4.) Raising The Bar
5.) Not Alone
6.) Prevail
7.) Wake Up
8.) Keep Hope Alive
9.) Rock The Show
10.) Digital Medius
11.) Foresight In Hindsight
12.) Make You Love Me