Cavo – Bridges Album Review

Album “Bridges” By Cavo
By Rachael Yearsley (aka RSG ROXY)
RockStars Glued Radio 3.0

Cavo’s new album “Bridges” is being released on February 23rd, 2018. This is an album cleverly written with an astounding musical composition and lyrics that speak to your inner self. The magical components of Cavo”s album are truly worth getting for your music collection.

Each song on this album will speak to you on a level you will comprehend without a doubt. ‘Nights‘ is one of those epic party dance anthem songs with catchy, sing along lyrics. It has a great flow with a strong bass line in it. ‘Weather Rolls’ has a groovy intro that kicks up the beat into a heavy driven song. In the song ‘Traitor’, you will hear the intense emotion and power that the lead vocalists emits.

Chris Hobbs – guitar, backing vocals
Andy Herrin – drums
Brian Smith – bass, backing vocals
Casey Walker – lead vocals

1. “Nights”
2. “Just Like We Want It”
3. “Stay”
4. “She Don’t Care”
5. “On Your Own”
6. “Get Away”
7. “Fight This War”
8. “Weather Rolls”
9. “Traitor”
10. “Cynical”
11. “Straight to the Bottom”
12. “Take Me Home”