FLOODS “BAD TIMES” album review.
Released on Invogue Records 02/23/2018
Written by Michael Whalen
This album holds true to its name “BAD TIMES.” The overall feeling of the album is of someone who has just went through a bad break-up. Each song has its own voice and message that was easy to relate to after personally going through a bad break-up. Tracks such as BAD TIMES, FIRE, HEAVY HEARTS were my personal favorites. The album has great potential for re-mixing and sampling, lots of good beats and melodies to work with. 
I think that this album has hit the mark for it audiences with its meaning and uplifting beats and melodies. I would recommend it to anyone who is going through a rough time.
Emily Prather
Sam Stamper
Jake Snyder 
1.) Badtimes
2.) Chasing Lines
3.) Nightmares
4.) Feel So High
5.) Sleeptalk
6.) I’m Alright
7.) Heavy Hearts
8.) Currents
9.) Focus
10.) Fire