Life After This – American Dream Album Review 

EP ‘American Dream’ by Life After This
By Rachael Yearsley (aka RSG ROXY)
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Hey! If you haven’t heard, Life After This just released a new EP called American Dream. I highly suggest that you get your copy soon. The potential of this band is still growing rapidly and their music is sure proof that their talent is beyond amazing.

All 6 tracks on this EP contain variety; something not obtained very easily. While Life After This maintains their own musical style, they bend their talent to new levels to create epic tracks. The vocals range from an aggressive growl, to melodic harmonies, to a well rounded death metal scream. Even the audio and vocal effects were cleverly applied throughout every song. Each instrument and each vocalists take on solo parts in each track, and each track contains different tempos and different progressions. That’s a lot of “WOW’s”

Lead vocalists Matthew Fritsch will bring you through smooth flowing, and tongue twisting lyrics in their track Keeping Enemies. In their power ballad, Savior, bass player Ray Vitatoe creates a heavy and rhythmic flow that will penetrate your soul. Drummer Matthew Johnson and guitar player Thomas Cheek, intertwine their magic to provide an intense solo that will satisfy your ear holes. The track American Dream has a deep, grungy, stop and go drive that is incredibly powerful. This song will for sure have you singing and headbanging before it ends.

I can honestly say that I fell head over heels for every track on American Dream. I am quite impressed with all that Life After This has entailed on this EP. Be ready to hit the repeat button. Yes… it is that good.

Track Listing
1.) American Dream
2.) Keeping Enemies
3.) Believe
4.) Savior
6.) Begging for More

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