Lion by Punchline Review

Lion by Punchline
Review written by Rachael Yearsley aka RSG ROXY
     Punchline releases their new album (Lion) on March 30th, 2018. This is a band that relishes an amazing mix of pop and punk rock. Their many years together as a band has served them well as they present to you, a creation of a musical epitome. On this album you will also hear special guest vocalists Matt Theissen of Reliant K and Anthony Raneri of Bayside. How exciting!
     Friend From The Future is a high energy song with a groovin bass line and catchy lyrics. The intro sets the song as the drums kick it into high gear and I love when a tune has a quick, silent skip then picks up with a well driven chorus. Green Hills 2018 is a fantastic track that embodies melodic vocals and harmonies, and a fantastic acoustic intro. Sensory Overload is a tune that has a fast drive, jumping beat and some phenomenal drumming. 
1.) Friend From The Future
2.) Another Tale To Remember When
3.) Darkest Dark
4.) Dead When It Hits The Shelves
5.) Green Hills 2018
6.) Honey This Is Nothing New
7.) Sensory Overload
8.) Can’t Tell What’s Real
9.) A Friend Indeed 
10.) It’s A New Year (Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself)
11.) In The Powder Blue