“Palimpsest” EP By Crooked Rook

Review written by Rachael Yearsley (RSG ROXY)
Rockstars Glued 3.0
      If you are seeking music overflowing with originality AND personality, then Crooked Rook is the band for you! Their epic metal musical style will broaden your mind, as it takes you into a deep realm of musical bliss. On April 20th, they will be releasing their new EP, Palimpsest. Within this EP, you will hear extreme tempo changes, stimulating solos, harmonious interludes and soulful lyrics. The intricacy and passion Crooked Rook applies to each of their songs is astounding.This is a band that embellishes many layers of their sound as well as their aptitude to rock out.
      The track, Too Late To Care is a heavy metal jam that is packed full of energy and sauciness. This song is also perfectly garnished with face peeling guitar effects. Alice is a song that will aide in your escape to wonderland, and is packed with beautiful harmonies and fantasy style lyrics. Awakening is a tune that will rock your socks off, with its strong and edgy drum beats and powerful drive. Listen to the speedy guitar solo and mighty bass intro in Never Again. Absolutely enthralling!
Bree Chapman – Lead Vocals,
Eric Chapman – Guitars, backing vocals,
Butch Farrell – Guitars, backing vocals,
Brad Bellamy – Bass, backing vocals,
Johnny Chords Chapman – Drums, Vocals
1.) Awakening
2.) Too Late To Care
3.) Never Again
4.) Out Of Breath
5.) Alice