Pop Evil – Pop Evil Album Review

Pop Evil by Pop Evil
Album review by Rachael Yearsley (RSG ROXY)

How exciting is it to hear that ‘Pop Evil’ is releasing their self titled album on February 16th, 2018! I found this album very intriguing; as they have encompassed a variety of effects and styles. The lyrics are bursting with real life topics and they are full of energy.

‘Waking Lions’ is a fortifying song packed with power and meaning. Leigh Kakaty stimulates us with his amazing vocal capabilities in this song. ‘Nothing But Thieves’ has a mysterious intro and rises to a spunky tune that sets itself apart from the rest of the album. It is trimmed with astounding sound and vocal effects. The song ‘Colors Bleed’ brings to light how great Pop Evil really is. This song entails a robust drum beat, tantalizing guitar riffs, and a kickin bass line intertwined with a mesmerizing harmonious bridge.


Leigh Kakaty – vocals

Dave Grahs – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Nick Fuelling – lead guitar, backing vocals

Matt DiRito – bass, backing vocals


“Waking Lions”
“Colors Bleed”
“Ex Machina
“Art of War”
“Be Legendary”
“Nothing But Thieves”
“A Crime to Remember”
“God’s Dam”
“When We Were Young”
“Birds of Prey”