Sever The Ties Album Review

Sever The Ties Album Review

Sever The Ties
Self Titled Album
Album review by Rachael Yearsley
(aka RSG ROXY)

Sever The Ties has released their self titled album that is sure enough to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Each song on this album transpires a powerful and complex energy. Their cutting edge sound is richly textured and quite aggressive.

In my opinion, What You Have Become is the track adored most on this album. This song starts off with a sullen prelude that progresses with the legendary high hat roll. The song then transitions from some charismatic vocals, into a hardcore, dark, and sinister sound. It’s seriously an amazing track. I also enjoyed the electrifying intro to the song See Through Me, and the heavy driven ending to the the track Careless. Another song on this album that has made it to my favorites playlist is Call to Arms because of it’s prominent backbeats with the drums, the enthralling guitar riffs, and the bass line that rocks the house.

Sever The Ties has a lot going on with their self titled album and is definitely worth getting.

Jonathan Knosp – Vocals/Guitar
Johnathen Robbins – Guitar
Eric Wall – Bass
Kevin Williams – Drums

Track Listing
1.) See Through Me
2.) All The Ways
3.) Call to Arms
4.) Drowning
5.) Careless
6.) What You’ve Become
7.) Out of Line
8.) Break and Change

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