Symphony For Everything by Mister Mason EP review

Symphony For everything by Mister Mason EP review written by Rachael Yearsley (RSG ROXY) 

     Mister Mason is releasing their EP Symphony For Everything on April 14th, 2018. This is a band that will wow you with their grungy punk rock style, and their music will devour you with it’s edgy sound, exalting guitar solos, and transcending vocals.
     Burning Soul is an astonishing track! It has an impressive flow with striking lyrics. The guitar riffs backing the holding vocals are well placed, giving the song a dynamic sound of awesomeness. The mighty intro to Flooded is very tight. The bass and drums definitely stand out in this track as they add to the songs’ robust sound. The Chase contains a powerful guitar solo that is followed by a compelling breakdown with the vocals. 
1.) Intro
2.) Flooded
3.) Burning Soul
4.) The Chase
5.) Issues
6.) Better Off
Steven (Joey) Eversoul – Vocals
Logan Miller – Lead Guitar
Blake Whisman – Bassist
Caleb Rumsey – Rythym Guitar
Ricky Whisman – Drums