The Weight by Pigweed Review

The Weight by Pigweed

Review written by Rachael Yearsley (RSG ROXY)
     Pigweed just released an album! The Weight! This album is full of badassery with its fusion of hefty metal and progressive gritty rock. This album is intense and recreates that edgy rock that we all know and love. 
     Eye Of The Wasp is a powerful and dauntless song. I cranked this song to the highest level and zealously rocked out to it to it’s heavy driven chorus and vigorous energy. The drums are super tight and the intro leads up to some electrifying guitar riffs. Time Is Now is super gritty song and exhibits amazing vocal variations that tie in together nicely. The track Ascending has a groovy and grungy edge that escalates at the end to produce a compelling outro of headbanging madness.You will adore the mighty lyrics, stunning vocals, and a bass line that dominates this song. 
Eye of the Wasp
Check Yourself
Fake For Now
Time Is Now
The Putrid
The End
Guitar/Vocals – Mo
Vocals – Big D
Bass – Fletcher
Second Guitar – Danny AKA Funky
Vocals – Fresh
Drums – Thomas AKA T